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Dear colleagues!

In 2015 the Department of History of Ukraine, Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University launched the scientific journal "Uman's Antiquities", the purpose of which is to engage historians, ethnographers, representatives of interested scientific institutions in a constructive dialogue on the topical problems of historical science and regional studies. It will deepen the  research and the comprehensive study of the mankind’s historical experience.

First of all, the edition publishes the works of scientists, teachers, postgraduates and students of Ukrainian scientific and educational institutions on topical issues of the history of Ukraine and regional history, general history, historiography of history, history of historical science in Ukraine, methods of teaching history, special historical disciplines. The journal may contain reviews, reports on scientific events.

The editions of the journal "Uman's Antiquities" are published twice a year. The containts of the issue consists of the following main sections:

  1. History of Ukraine
  2. World History
  3. Regional history
  4. Historiography, Source Studies and Special Historical Disciplines
  5. Methods of teaching history
  6. Encyclopaedics in history

In some cases (for example, a thematic publication, materials of international and all-Ukrainian conferences, etc.) the structure of the issue may be changed.

We  welcome the articles of experts who are  well-known in scientific circles due to their thorough researches and publications, doctors and candidates of sciences, as well as young professionals who are just starting their professional career. Correspondently, the materials of our journal will be interesting for a wide readers’ circle. The scientific journal is for historians, archaeologists, ethnologists and everybody interested in historical issues.


Tetiana Kuznets

chief editor of the journal

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor